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The Four Fundamentals and the Crash Course series.

Dr. Parker has studied psychology since 1989, earned his doctorate in 1998 and obtained his license to practice in 1999. Dr. Parker returned to private practice full-time in 2005 after serving as the Chief Psychologist for a nationwide HMO, for the prior five years. He has worked in a psychiatric prison, jails, drug rehab centers and has operated a traditional office practice for many years. For the past ten years, the bulk of his practice has been forensic; particularly in the high conflict field of divorce and child custody. Through these experiences, Dr. Parker began to see that all conflict, despair, suffering, and addiction had at the root, four common elements. Four distorted ways of thinking that people engaged in and fueled the conflict and despair. This was the beginning of the Four Fundamentals.


Dr. Parker packaged these Four Fundamentals together and shaped his clinical practice, The Parker Group, Inc., around them, as well as the anger management classes he taught and the divorce seminars he led. With the encouragement of his pastor, Dr. Parker created a three-part program to teach people how to identify and changes these four thought processes to increase their sense of connectedness, peace, joy and to end conflict and suffering.


That three-night seminar was titled Crash Course in Life Transformation. It was so well received that by the fifth time it was conducted in 2018, almost 200 people were in attendance. And each night of the seminar, people would line up to ask Dr. Parker how to apply these Four Fundamentals to their very specific circumstance or problem (e.g., parenting, relationship, depression…). It became clear that people needed more than just the basic knowledge, but, specific guidance on how to apply these cognitive restructuring skills (change how you think) to their daily lives.


In September of 2018, to complement the periodic offering of the Crash Course in Life Transformation seminars, Dr. Parker launched the Crash Course Academy. Every Wednesday night, Dr. Parker teaches people how to tackle topics they may struggle with such as Depression, anxiety, conflict, relationships, forgiveness, happiness, spirituality, etc.  These classes address each specific topic from the perspective of how to apply the Four Fundamentals to create positive changes in life. 


People’s excitement for this information has been unbelievable. They ask for extra copies of materials to mail to family in other states. They invite family and friends to the seminars and classes. Dr. Parker has been invited to share the Four Fundamentals with private companies and high schools.  And once the videos were posted online, people began sharing the links via email, Twitter, Facebook and text messaging. Special requests were received to have the videos translated into other languages so family and friends from other countries could learn about the Four Fundamentals as well. An App and a Youtube channel has been created to handle the demand to see this information spread. 


It has been very exciting watching people discover the power they already have inside of them as they take control of their lives, their experiences and their relationship with God. If you have any suggestions for topics, please feel free to contact The Parker Group, Inc. and share your ideas about the Crash Course by clicking on any of the links on this website. If you would like to attend some of the weekly classes offered through the Crash Course Academy, contact us so we can tell you the dates, times and locations. 


And if you would like to for the Crash Course in Life Transformation Seminar to be held in your city, company or church, get in touch with Dr. Parker to schedule and make arrangements.

The Parker Group, Inc., 8629 W. Central Avenue, Wichita, KS, 67212,

P: (316)250-8436, F: (316)260-9023.

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